Controlled Movement Pilates

Have you ever wanted to try Pilates?  Pilates is a challenging low impact workout created by Joseph Pilates.

Pilates connects the mind to the body through control of movement, which leads to awareness of this connection to daily activities.

Controlled Movement Pilates focuses on establishing personalized training programs that increase core strength, flexibility and stability to improve overall body tone and health.

Karen, your Pilates instructor, B.Sc., is a Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor through the Pilates Core Integration (PCI) Teacher training program, designed by Virginia Nicholas, M.A., R.N., from Moving Breath Pilates, Tempe Arizona.

Private, duets and limited size group classes are provided in a setting that allows personal attention to maximize the benefits of Pilates. Start anytime with a group of friends, or in a private or chair duet at your convenience.

Call, text or email to reserve a spot for you and a friend to try out a Pilates class.

Have fun while you enjoy our small social setting to boost your daily energy.

Our studio in Arbor Creek

Controlled Movement Pilates