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Karen has a personal connection to the direct benefits of Pilates.  She was requested by her chiropractor to try Pilates for rehabilitative purposes.  Chronic back and knee pain was preventing her from completing basic daily tasks, which had a negative impact on her ability to enjoy life.  Pilates strengthened, stretched and rebalanced her body.  The combination of these changes resulted in Karen achieving her goal of regaining the ability to have a life that is not restricted by chronic pain.
Her positive experience with Pilates drove Karen’s ambition to pursue becoming a certified instructor through the Pilates Core Integration (PCI) Teacher training program, designed by Virginia Nicholas., M.A., R.N., from Moving Breath Pilates, Tempe Arizona. Her belief in the benefits of Pilates is seen by the positive encouragement and personal attention given to each person she instructs.
For Karen, the best part of being a PCI Pilates instructor is having clients share how their life has improved as a result of the approach she takes to apply Pilates principles in a supportive, focused and practical manner.  


Karen - Pilates Core Integration Comprehensive Certified Instructor
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan